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First Aid Kit - everything what you need to use in emergency situation

Support Life Mini First Aid Kit

Support Life Mini First Aid Kit


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    With this Life Mini First Aid Kit you can support Breast Cancer Awareness and help the search for a cure. This kit contains antiseptics, ointment and assorted bandages to treat cuts and scrapes. Slender enough to fit almost anywhere purse, luggage, golf bag, or a laptop case.

Kit Contents:

(5) Adhesive plastic bandages, -+Gǥ x 3Gǥ
(3) Adhesive fabric bandages, -+Gǥ x 3Gǥ
(5) Junior adhesive plastic bandages, 3/8Gǥ x 1-1/2Gǥ
(1) Fingertip fabric bandage
(1) Knuckle fabric bandage
(2) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting-free)
(1) Triple antibiotic ointment pack (0.5 g)

First Aid for Life Kit, 131 pcs
First Aid for Life Kit, 131 pcs

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