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There are many things in the world that people say that we should have to keep us safe. Some of these things include a cell phone or another way to get in touch with someone if something bad happens, however, one of these things is a must have, and that is first aid kits. I know that most people in the world right now do not have first aid kits in their homes, of course, that does not mean that it is a good idea to not have one. First aid kits could save your life, and it is better to have more than one. If I was you, I would keep one in the house and another in my car. After all, you never know when your going to need one

Empty Metal Industrial Cabinet, Swing Out Door - 5 Shelf
$96.95 $85.95
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Sterile eye pad, 2 per ziplock bag
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13 piece, Bloodborne Pathogen / Bodily Fluid Spill Kit - Plastic Case
$21.95 $17.50
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50 Person, Bloodborne Pathogen - Personal Protection Kit / 6 Piece CPR Pack
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Trucker's First Aid Kit - 16 Unit Plastic Case
$39.95 $36.50
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First Aid Antiseptic Cream, .9 gm. - 25 per box
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Instant Cold Compress, Bulk 4"x5" - 24 per case
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Insect sting relief pad, 3 per ziplock bag
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Red Cross Personal Emergency Preparedness Kit RC-622
$35.95 $33.00
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$28.95 $25.50
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First Aid Station/Cabinet for 100 person
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AUTO-First Aid Kit, Plastic Case
$33.65 $26.50
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81 piece First Aid Essentials Kit
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200 piece First Aid Essentials Kit (Plastic Box)
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104 piece Auto First Aid Kit
$18.95 $17.95
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91 Piece Vehicle First Aid Kit Metal Box
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Fire Retardant Blanket - 1 each
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Fire Retardant Blanket, w/ Vinyl Bag - 1 each
$100.89 $89.95
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Not having first aid kits is not a laughing matter. What would happen to you if you got cut very badly, and had nothing to treat it with. First aid kits assure you that you have everything you need to take care of the cut right away. Having one in the house is a must, not just for you, but for your family as well. Sure maybe you say, “I'm a big boy. I do not need first aid kits.” Well maybe you do not (which you probably will because anyone that would say that is not very smart), but what about your family? What are you going to do when they get a cut? Sure you may say that you have band aids so you are fine. When you take a look at the big picture that is not enough. You have to have something that is going to keep the cut clean, and a band aid is not going to do that alone, however, having first aid kits in the house will let you know that you have something to take care of whatever may happen. I also feel like it is a good idea to keep one in your car at all times. Say you have everything in your house that you need to take care of someone, but do you have all that stuff in your car as well? More than likely not. Having first aid kits in the car is a good way to make sure you are ready for whatever may come your way.

Now there are a lot of different first aid kits out there in the world. Once again, you are going to get what you pay for. The first aid kits that cost more are going to have more stuff in them. In fact, they can carry everything from stuff to treat burns, to stuff to treat insect bites. If you are thinking about going camping you should never leave the house without your first aid kits. When you are out camping you are going to get bit by bugs, no way around it, however, what happens when you get bit by a bad bug? Well if you have first aid kits with you, nothing changes. You go on with your camping like normal. If you do not have a first aid kit, then you may end up going to the doctor, and that is not fun. Nothing could ruin a great camping trip faster than going to see the old doctor. I am not saying that you have to have a lot of first aid kits laying around the house. I am saying that it is a good idea to at least have one. Also, if you are going to have just one, leave it in the car. Because if you are at home you can go out there and get it. If you are out on the road and need it, you cannot just run back home.

First Aid Guide For Kids

A first aid guide for kids should include several things. It should include the basics of first aid, why it is important, what emergencies are, and who kids need to contact in case of one. Many of the first aid guides for kids are written in an easy to understand format. This makes it very easy for the kids to read and comprehend what they are supposed to do when something occurs. These guides should also include information about bleeding, bee stings, choking, simple Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation pictures and explanations, and information about broken bones. These first aid guides for kids are an invaluable asset to have in your home.

Explaining first aid and emergencies to a child is much harder than it seems. You need to find a first aid guide for kids that explains everything in simple language. Pictures are especially helpful. If the child can read the instructions and information, then apply that content to the pictures, they will better understand what they are doing. It is even better if they can apply the techniques on another child or an adult for a practice run. For example, for a broken bone, there might be a picture of a leg at an unnatural angle. The first aid kit for kids will tell him to find a long stick or piece of wood and tie it to the leg to help keep it straight. Then he would need to wrap some towels or other clothing around it to make sure it is kept in a natural position. Maybe the child could practice on his parents by wrapping their leg. He will not only learn the steps, but he will know what to do should it really happen.

As with learning CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), this is a wonderful tool for a child to learn. Added practice at home can also help them to feel better in control should an emergency happen. Learning the steps of CPR can greatly help save another. The child will know to call 911 or the emergency system and then begin to check on the person who is sick. They will know to roll them onto their back and check for breathing. The child will also learn about airway obstructions. There should also be a part on breathing for the victim and explanations on how to do chest compressions. The big thing about people bleeding is always apply pressure to the wound. The child must also take the time to call the emergency services. Again, practicing at home beforehand will give them the knowledge they need to deal with the crisis better. Help them in finding tourniquets to tie around the wound around the home. Using neckties, wash cloths, towels, pillow cases, and clothing is a great way to create a tourniquet. The first aid guide for kids should also point out that elevating the limb that is bleeding will also help stop the blood flow as well.

Bee stings are deadly to some people who might be allergic to them. This is a life-threatening emergency. The guide should instruct the child to call the emergency system and to place ice on the sting site. It should also make the child aware not to try to pull the stinger out themselves. Infection, swelling, and even more poison might get to the person's bloodstream. Once they have gotten the ice on it, wait for an adult or the emergency systems. A first aid guide for kids will be a great learning tool and will give your child the confidence he will need in an emergency. Reading the guide through several times, and then applying the techniques will only make him more fluent in the practices to use.

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